Should I Get A Console?

11:22 AM

I wish to own a console (say, XBOX360 or PS3) and play these two games. Heheh. I've been a fan of horror games (I miss Fatal Frame and Silent Hill) and I think these games will give my sleepy gamer self a kick. It's kinda catchy for me when a girl's the main protagonist in a game like Jill, Samus, Rayne, Bayonetta, and Lightning..but that doesn't mean my fondness for Gordon Freeman and Kratos has gone down. LOL. Those two are teh hotness.

I like the story of Catherine, those guys who made the Persona series did an awesome job again. I'm really curious on how many endings would this game have. The boxart of the PS3 game looked better and sexier than the XBOX360 game lol. Too bad they don't have it on PC yet.

Next is Alice The Madness returns. I was too late to find out that they had this on PC. I like the macabre setting of the game where the game trailer, has made me forget about the cutesy image of Alice in my head. I miss playing these games! :(
I couldn't find a better box art than those. Not much of an XBOX360 fan though but I know someone who is... :) If I'm gonna get my own console, I would wish we could still play together... ILYSM Hachi :)

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