New Hobby

11:57 AM

It's been weeks and my clay blocks are still unopened coz I cannot start without having any tools with me. I refuse to trust my fingertips anymore to make another fig..and I'm inspired coz those guys at the Sculpey booth liked my Tenori Tiger and asked me how I did it. LOL. But they noticed how terrible the paint job was, but it's ok, I was still able to show it off anyway. =)

So I searched online to look for the most basic tools and I found Makin's Clay and they had the cheapest accessories for a newbie like me. Haha. I found them at Pop Culture in Market Market. Quite surprising I didn't notice about it coz I always go there almost every other day. Some routine I could never get rid of. Anyway, here's their tiny space and their cabinet full of goodies.

 I went there coz I need accessories for my Sculpey Clays :) Oooh next on my list is an oven. :)

8 minutes. =)

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